The common secrets of the elderly to protect the heart are really great.

The common secrets of the elderly to protect the heart are really great.

中老年人使心脏保持健康、年轻,心理平衡的作用占50\%以上,合理膳食占25\%,药物调理占25\%。Under the guidance of a doctor, appropriate taking of Corydalis, red ginseng, and Sanqi have a good regulatory effect on coronary heart disease.

Adhering to the daily heart-care of the heart, it can help the heart health of the elderly.

Monday: Smell the smell of something in the morning to smell the scent of mint or jasmine, which can make people feel extravagant.

Tuesday: Bring the outside world into your home and put some flowers, hang the mountains or other beautiful photos on the boards, birds and sounds.

The sound of nature can make you no longer nervous.

Wednesday: Going out to the park, the garden or the river, walking, watching, listening, smelling or touching nature can make you feel close to the earth and full of peace.

Thursday: Going to the park with your family to get along with your family can get to know your family and to overcome your sadness and loneliness.

Friday: Express your gratitude. Thank you for opening the door or serving you. These two courtesies are a rejuvenating act.

Saturday: Arranging a vacation is no more relaxing and rejuvenating than taking a break.

Remember, don’t let yourself be too tired.


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