The four mental health of the elderly

The four mental health of the elderly

The optimistic view is the old Dan of psychological health.

Optimism is a positive personality and state of mind.

It can stimulate people’s vitality and potential, help you resolve conflicts, and overcome difficulties.

Pessimism is a kind of negative and decadent character and state of mind. It causes people to fall into sorrow, troubles and pains. People can’t do anything in the face of difficulties, which seriously affects people’s physical health.

  Tolerance and tolerance are the regulating valves for mental health.

In social interaction, people suffer losses, are misunderstood, and being wronged is an alternative.

Faced with these, the most sensible choice is to learn tolerance.

Tolerance is a good psychological quality.

It contains both understanding and forgiveness, and shows one’s grace and chest.

A person who is not tolerant and only demanding is often in a state of tension, which leads to nervous excitement, vasoconstriction, elevated blood pressure, and psychological and physiological entry into a vicious circle.

Learning to be tolerant will be strict with self-discipline and be patient with others, which is equivalent to putting a regulating valve on your own psychology.

  Kindness and goodness are the nutrients of mental health.

If you are kind, you will enjoy the happiness of others and help the poor. If you are kind, you will be kind to others and willing to be friendly. Your heart will always have a sense of pleasure. If you are kind, you will be open and happy., my heart is easy.

Those who are kind-hearted will always maintain a calm state of mind.

  Indifferent indifferent is an immune agent for psychological health.

Indifferent is a lofty state and mentality, and it is the positioning of the pursuit of life at a deep level.

With an indifferent mentality, it will not follow the tide in the secular, chase fame and fortune, and will not be overjoyed by the things outside the body, and will be greatly saddened, and will not complain to others in the world.

The indifferent mentality keeps people in a state of peace.

Keeping a normal heart, all factors that are detrimental to human health will not retreat.

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