The four physiological advantages of bald men

The four physiological advantages of bald men

Recently, experts from various countries have proved through a large number of experiments that in addition to disease-induced hair loss, bald men have four major physiological advantages: First, clever: a lot of things happen, and bald people are smart.

Japan’s “Science Asahi” magazine reported that males have a large number of male hormone secretions during the embryonic period, and male hormones can promote the development of the right hemisphere, while the right hemisphere main image, geometric and other spatial recognition image thinking.

The ability of spatial recognition and mathematics is very good. Therefore, those who are prone to hair loss and baldness, mathematics and other aspects far exceed the average male.

  Second, it is not easy to suffer from cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis: the male hormone producing organisms in the male body have insulin pills and adrenal cortex.

Male hormones represented by thyroid ketones are chemically belonging to a class of organic chemical “nests” containing both carbon bonds and carbocyclic rings. They are used in the body by insulin and other organisms to make cholesterol.The molecular side bonds are broken and the structure is transformed.

Therefore, the blood pressure in the baldness is not easy to accumulate, and there is a possibility that it does not suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Androgen can promote protein synthesis, muscle development, increase the accumulation of bone matrix, make bones thicker, and promote the deposition of calcium in the body, so baldness is also less susceptible to osteoporosis.

  Third, it is not easy to get cancer: baldness is not easy to suffer from stomach cancer, this view has been confirmed.

Experts from the Tokyo Cancer Hospital in Japan studied the serum insulin peptide levels in 30 patients with cardiac cancer and 30 male patients with gastric cancer. The serum insulin peptides in patients with these two cancers were significantly different before surgery.More than a bald man.

It can be seen that cardia cancer and gastric cancer are related to androgen.

  Fourth, lack of life: androgen also affects the life of men.

Japan published a study that measured hormonal levels in 242 bald-headed men aged 50 to 79 for 12 consecutive years and found that they had higher levels of hormones in their bodies and a 48% lower mortality rate than those who were not bald.

The hormone content is another feature of the large amount of androgen secretion. It seems that the life of a bald male may be relatively long.

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