Old summer comfort wearing silk pajamas

Old summer comfort wearing silk pajamas

A comfortable pajamas can bring two major benefits to old friends: First, many elderly people are used to sleeping in vests in summer, which is very susceptible to cold, which often causes shoulder and neck pain. Patients with coronary heart disease are prone to angina after cold stimulation.symptom.

Wearing a suitable pajamas can protect your shoulders from cold.

Second, due to health considerations, people who often go out will inevitably have dust and bacteria. When they go home, they can change into pajamas or home clothes to ensure indoor and bed hygiene.

  So how do you choose your pajamas?

The first is a small amount, it is best to choose pure cotton or silk.

The elderly have slow metabolism, and most of them have dry and itchy skin damage, while silk is the least irritating to the skin.

Silk is also hygroscopic, easy to dry, and heat-dissipating, especially suitable for summer wear.

It is better to choose pure cotton soft pajamas for autumn and winter.

Usually a two-piece suit, the top is a short-sleeved or long-sleeved cardigan, and the lower body is a pair of pants or trousers.

The top can be longer, which can avoid the waist being cold when sleeping, and the length of the pants should preferably be able to cover the length.

Finally, look at the size, the clothes worn during sleep are properly loose, so you can buy one size larger than the outerwear.

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