[Baby nutrition porridge to make a difference]_ children_ how to do

[Baby nutrition porridge to make a difference]_ children_ how to do

Breakfast is very important for both babies and adults. The baby’s breakfast recipe also needs parents to pay attention. If the baby is allowed to eat unsalted food for a long time, it may cause the baby to lose appetite. When it is too sweet, it is oftenThe coldness is likely to cause the baby to have too much breath and thick tongue coating, so it is necessary to maintain the food variables, so the baby’s nutritious breakfast porridge should have some characteristics?

First of all, what are the characteristics of baby nutrition breakfast porridge?

Provide enough thermal energy.

In the morning, the energy consumed by the baby’s activities is also sufficient. Moreover, the baby needs to be supplemented in time due to the energy consumed by the activities, and a lot of nutrients are needed for growth and development.

Arrange the starchy foods essential for your baby’s breakfast, such as: steamed buns, porridge, cakes, steamed dumplings and other staple foods. This is more conducive to the utilization and absorption of other nutrients and also promotes the growth and development of your baby.

Generally, the heat energy of a baby’s breakfast should account for 20% of the total heat energy of a day.

Second, choose a reasonable mix.

Children’s breakfast directly affects their health.

Therefore, when preparing children’s breakfast, more attention should be paid to the mix of various foods, and it is also important to add water to them. Dry and thin mixes are beneficial for the absorption of various nutrients in foods, such as: milk and fruit cakes; white porridge with meat floss and dateLotus seed buns; red bean rice kernel porridge with onion cabbage and beef steamed dumplings, shredded meat shredded noodles with boiled quail eggs and other combinations, which are good for children’s digestion and absorption.

Third, because children have a small appetite and cannot replace too much food at one time, we have more meaningful nutritional value for breakfast.

Through the combination of rice noodles and coarse and fine grains, especially the coarse and rich grains are rich in B vitamins, and vitamin B1 is a nutrient that the baby is likely to lack.

What are the characteristics of baby breakfast porridge?

Let your children eat foods such as rice, noodles, corn, blood sticky rice, rice kernels, yellow millet, beans, and potatoes for comprehensive nutrition.

The mixed foods of fine grains and coarse grains are used to learn from each other’s strengths and make full use of the complementary role of protein in food to improve the utilization rate.

Such as: coriander lean millet porridge, blood glutinous rice lotus heart corn grits, potato taro seedless jujube dew and other combinations, can better promote the growth and development of babies.

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