How to eat ice cream will not gain weight

How to eat ice cream will not gain weight

Are you refusing to eat ice cream in order to have a slim figure?

So big is not necessary.

Scientists have discovered that these so-called high-conversion foods can actually help you lose weight.

  First of all, we need to understand the composition and transformation of ice cream. According to the relevant experts, the subdivided score of 74 in 100 grams of ice cream.

4 grams, protein 2.

4 grams, 姨 5.

3 grams, sugar 17.

3 grams, another small amount of vitamin A, B2, E and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, zinc.

  An ice cream equals 5 bowls of rice. Most people who eat ice cream consider the first taste. Therefore, people who choose to eat ice cream are often the most. In fact, ice cream is a large number of ice products. According to nutritionist survey, an ice creamThe content is equivalent to the time of 5-6 bowls of rice, conversion, now, many places now eat ice cream will add some biscuits, wafers of ingredients to increase the flavor of ice cream, in fact, such ingredients also contain very high tracesWith the degeneration of ice cream, if the girl eats it all, it is estimated that even the intestines should be remorseful, so nutritionists recommend eating fruits and nuts as much as possible when eating ice cream.

  Ice cream don’t eat before going to bed. Nutritionists advise everyone not to eat ice cream before going to bed, because the ice cream is slightly absorbed by the human body after sleeping, eat ice cream as much as possible, eat in the afternoon, not in the week.More than three times, and don’t eat ice cream as a meal; unless you eat more ice cream, you can choose to drink more water or drink some vegetable juice the next day. Nutritionists recommend drinking: pumpkin juice, sweet potato juiceWait for the crude fiber drink, because the crude fiber can remove the garbage in the stomach.

  Eating ice cream also helps to lose weight. In order to keep your calorie budget from exceeding the standard, low-fat ice cream is your best choice.

Because ice cream is a dairy product, it is rich in calcium.

After elevated blood calcium in the human body, a hormone secretion called calcitonin can be added, and calcitonin can significantly reduce the appetite, reduce the amount of food, and burn cockroaches.

In addition, a sufficient amount of calcium, especially ionized calcium, can be combined with fatty acids and calcium in food in the body, inserted into the tandem to absorb the sputum, and the transformation is easily discharged, thereby obtaining the effect of losing weight.

  If your body’s calcium is seriously deficient, you lose the ability to burn assistants; if you don’t have enough calcium in your body, you can trigger micro-cell storage.

Ice cream lose weight is to let you absorb more calcium, and the sweater loses a few extra pounds of excess meat.

  One study found that women who ate at least one full-fat dairy product per day were smaller than those who did not.

Although the researchers have not fully determined the link, they believe that a linoleic acid contained in milk can help lose weight.

  Eating a little cheese, ice cream or a glass of milk a day is the best choice, and the vitamin D contained in them can also prevent cancer.

Whether you are losing weight or not, you should make dairy products a part of your diet.

  But don’t eat too much, anyway, ice cream is always a high-conversion food.

Moreover, be sure to choose a low-instant variety.

  Ice cream is high-fat food is not easy to digest. The sugar contained in the appetite ice cream is refined sugar. It should not be eaten too much.

Nutrition experts recommend that people eat about 30 grams of sugar a day.

If a person eats a few boxes of ice cream a day, plus the sugar contained in milk, soda or other foods, then the sugar consumed every day is far more than 30 grams.

  Ice cream makes the fatter fatter and thinner. The more people who eat ice cream, the more fat people eat more fat, and the thinner they eat, the thinner they eat.

Because the fat absorption function is better, the uncle and sugar in the ice cream definitely aggravate their obesity; while the thin body is generally weak or partial eclipse, the ice cream is eaten more, and the anorexia is more powerful.

Therefore, nutrition experts remind you not to eat ice cream in the morning, before meals, after meals, and before bedtime and on an empty stomach.

In addition, those who are weak, especially those with poor gastrointestinal function, as well as people with diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia or allergies to milk, should not eat ice cream.

  DIY homemade slimming ice cream material: slimming powder 5g, ice cream 1 small box production: slimming have added ice cream and stir evenly.

  Eat: Mix well and mix directly.

  Number of times: once every other day effect: do not gain weight, 1 week can still lose 5 pounds Tip: slimming powder material slimming: adding cocoa powder principle: caffeine in cocoa powder stimulates metabolism, can promote blood reverse circulation, but alsoDecompose 姨 effectively.

  Waist: Add green tea powder principle: Green tea is always a good weight loss.

The aromatic compounds in green tea can dissolve a small amount, turn turbid and greasy, prevent trace accumulation and stay in the body, vitamin B1, C and caffeine can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion and cellulite.

Green tea can also increase the metabolism of body fluids, nutrients and transformation, and strengthen the microvascular circulation.

  Stovepipe: Adding red bean powder principle: red beans mixed with vitamin B1, B2, protein and a variety of minerals, have blood, diuretic, swelling, and promote heart activation.

  Beauty slimming: Add lotus leaf powder or bitter gourd powder principle: lotus leaf or bitter gourd have the effect of clearing fat and detoxifying.

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