How is vegetarian food healthy?

How is vegetarian food healthy?

The beauty of a woman is hard-won, and it requires your care and maintenance.

Some girls often can’t control their mouths and love to eat small snacks, but there are several things that you can’t touch.

Otherwise, the long-suffering appetite is destroying the beautiful face that you have not been able to hold for years.

  First, how do vegetarians eat the most nutritious and healthiest?

  Many people cook a lot of cooking oil, especially in the north, they are used to more oil and more salt. Everyone just knows that vegetables are good for health, but they never thought that the oil absorption of vegetables is particularly strong, and whether it is a small amount of edible oil.More than 98%, basically almost accidental, if you add 30 grams of oil to a dish, it means you will eat nearly 30 grams of aunt, so that vegetables can not only reduce the effect of the aunt.There is a danger of gaining weight.

Excessive salt is likely to cause an increase in blood pressure, which in turn leads to excessive water retention in the body, which is also detrimental to health.

  Still others like to eat stews and taste good.

However, the vitamin C and some antioxidant functions in vegetables are very intolerant. If they are heated, they will escape. If you stew these health care ingredients, you will lose more than half, or even more, and it is a pity.

  At this time many people will ask, how should the vegetables be best?

  In fact, as long as the vegetables are not too much fat, cooking time is not particularly long, how to eat is good.

If you must say something to eat, it is best to mix it with sesame sauce, or sesame oil, olive oil, or heated cooking oil.

One time, the mixed vegetables reduced the heating time during the frying process, reduced the loss of vitamins and antioxidants, so that we changed the scale to retain the nutrients, and added the process of cooking during the cooking process.A small amount of water; another way to take the water and cold salad will also make us add more green leafy vegetables, thus adding more nutrients, because if it is raw, it is difficult to eat a lot, such as a pound of spinach after drowningThere is only a small group left, it is easy to eat, and there is no way to eat too much. Although it has also undergone heating, most of the nutrients will remain because of the passage of time; from the perspective of health and wellnessIt is more suitable for people who are afraid of cold body, poor stomach and easy to rise, and also reduces the risk of high incidence of summer enteritis.

  Second, don’t you lose the nutrients in the vegetables?

  Throw away vitamins—–Every part of the vegetables has nutritional value, and the green leaves are the plants that synthesize nutrients and are the essence of nutrition. Throwing them will greatly reduce the nutritional value of vegetables.

  For example, the concentration of carotene in the outer green leaves of Chinese cabbage is several times higher than that of the central white leaves, and vitamin C is also several times higher.

Another said that the carotene, vitamin C and yellow content of lettuce leaves are higher than the stems of lettuce. In fact, the lettuce is also used as lettuce, and the lettuce leaves are even more fragrant than the oily wheat.

Just the difference in nouns, why is the fate difference?

If you feel that the taste is not good, don’t throw away the leaves, but squat down, and make another dish, then the celery leaves can add some carrots and cold dishes, then it is a refreshing dish with calcium and eye protection.Or do some green leafy soup, stuffing, etc. are all good choices.

Cut off the tender green leaves of rapeseed and celery.

  Throw away the healthiest anti-cancer substance—- peel off the skin of the eggplant, thickened radish, apple, sweet potato, etc., and peel off the skin of the tomato.

These practices also remove the nutritional essence of vegetables.

The most breathtaking vascular function of eggplant comes from eggplant skin, which concentrates most of the anthocyanin antioxidants in eggplant, and also contains high concentrations of pectin and flavonoids. It is a pity that it is a pity.

The spicy radish skin contains quite a lot of isothiocyanate, which is a key part of the action of radish.

Apple, sweet potato and tomato skin are especially suitable for antioxidants and supplemental fibers, and also have certain anti-cancer effects.

If you can keep some skin and even eat it, it is obviously more healthy.

If you feel that they are obstructive in color or taste, you can adjust the cooking method or add another dish.

For example, flavored snacks, fried eggplant skin, and radish skin are delicious, and integrate healthy food into one.

  Throw away most of the nutrients – the most nutritious part of the bean sprouts is not the white tender handle, but the pale yellow shoot tip, while the root is the highest place for cellulose, the time-consuming and laborious “chives”,In the end, it is the least nutritious part, which is really negative.

The white core of green pepper and melon is a place with a particularly high vitamin C content, and it is a pity to lose it.

If you are used to eating them, you will feel that the taste is actually very good, just throw them into the pot.

  Some people choose vegan and most women.

It is not known that the healthy parts of women’s skin are caused by excessive blood gas, and hemoglobin in meat is the most important factor. The reason why hemoglobin is red is all the hemoglobin contained in it.

The iron ions in hemoglobin bear the important responsibility of providing oxygen to human cells. If there is not enough iron to make hemoglobin, the skin at the outermost part of the body cannot get enough oxygen supply. If the cells function low, the skin will naturally not be rosy.
It also produces an anemia condition, so the skin is awkward, the elasticity is poor, and the bleakness is unavoidable, so it seems impossible to want the skin to be rosy.

  At this time, many vegetarians may say that plant food also contains iron!

But I tell you that the iron of the meat and the body need exactly the same form, which can be better absorbed and utilized by the human body. The iron in the vegetarian diet needs to be converted and reduced before being absorbed, and at the same time it is affected by other foods.
  Third, is vegetarian food really healthy?

  In addition to iron, calcium and zinc are also known to vegetarians.Although vegetables also contain excessive amounts of calcium, it is not enough for our daily needs, while oxalic acid and residual acid in vegetables will inhibit the absorption of calcium, so vegetarians are advised to ensure the consumption of soy products and dairy products.Too much, otherwise women’s graceful and tall posture is difficult to maintain; in addition, due to the general lack of zinc in vegetables, vegetarians are also prone to severe zinc deficiency, long-term zinc deficiency will lead to a small amount, loss of appetite, nails and thin nails.

  Therefore, it is recommended that you choose some meat scientifically and reasonably. Some lean beef, fish and shrimp, chicken and duck meat can be selected appropriately. It is very beneficial to have a volume of no more than 100 grams per day.

  If you really don’t like meat, then it is recommended to choose some eggs and dairy products, because the vegan diet will lead to a deficiency of calcium, iron and zinc, which will lead to a deficiency of vitamin B12.Important chemical reactions in the human body, including the production of red blood cells, so if the intake of vitamin B12 is very small, it will lead to anemia. Eggs and dairy products are rich in vitamin B12, and proper eating every day can guarantee your health.

  Fourth, do you want to drink soup?

  If you go backwards for 20 years, no one will ask whether the soup of cooking should be drunk, because at that time our materials were wasted, food was scarce, and nutrition was not enough.

But for the age of rich materials, people ask this question has nothing to do with whether it is waste, but related to health.

  Because here, the soup must be drunk, there are a lot of vitamin C inside; there are people who can not drink, because there are a lot of oxalic acid, which will hinder the absorption of calcium, and oxalic acid is easily dissolved in the soup.

There are two kinds of arguments that make everyone guilty. Is it right to drink or not?

  Indeed, many nutrients are easy to concentrate, because they are gradual, in addition to the vitamin C we all know, as well as folic acid, vitamin B2 and so on.

In addition to these, there will be oil in the soup, and then there will be some fat-soluble vitamins, such as carotene, lutein, vitamin K, etc., can be said to be good things.

In addition to these good things, there are some unhealthy health. In some vegetables, oxalic acid, nitrite, and class can contain organic phosphorus pesticides, and they are also very easy to run into the soup.

  This seems to be all right, each has its own reasons, because we absolutely need nutrition, but also food safety.

  In fact, everyone has overlooked that there is more food, or is there more soup?

Although those nutrients will run into the soup, after all, it is still a lot of vegetables, so the nutrients we eat are always more than the ones left in the soup. It is estimated that there are not many nutrients in the soup, but often in the soup.The oil content, especially in the north, often tends to be oily in the dish, and the taste is also salty. This is a worry for those who are worried about getting fat and worried about high blood pressure. This kind of soup is not worth mentioning. It is not a pity to lose it.
For the age when the traces are exceeding the standard, it is recommended to eat less oil, and less salt is more important.

Do you agree?

  Of course, if your home cooking habits first use water, remove oxalic acid, nitrite and pesticides, stir fry oil and salt are very small, then drink soup can be no problem.

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