Food and nutrition five characters

Food and nutrition “five characters”

“Five fruits” are general fruits, especially peaches, pears, apricots, plums, and dates. They are actually the collective name for fruits and dried fruits. They also include some fruits that can be eaten raw, such as watermelon and cantaloupe.
Fruits are rich in vitamins, inorganic salts and cellulose, which are more nutritious because they can be eaten raw.
They assist the “grain” and “five animals” to make the body more comprehensive nutrition.
  It is a consensus that people nourish and cure diseases.
“Through all the fruits can be a fairy” is a proverbial proverb, indicating that eating a variety of fruits is good for health.
The fruit taste is more wonderful. In the Chinese medical books, there are many fruits that are used as medicinal products. In the 29th to 31st volumes of the Compendium of Materia Medica, more than 50 kinds of fruits are harvested.
Such as pear, with heat, cough, asthma, phlegm and other effects.
In the autumn and winter, the right amount of pears can effectively relieve the symptoms of “get angry” such as polydipsia, cough, sore throat and aphasia.
Jujube, folk songs said: “Did a few days a day, life is not old.
According to the “Materia Medica”, jujube can supplement the qi, nourish the spleen and stomach, moisten the heart and lungs, pass the nine sputum, and hundred drugs.
Persimmon, according to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” records, persimmon is the fruit of blood, its sweet and flat, sexual and can be collected, it has the effect of strengthening the spleen, moistening the intestines, curing cough, and stopping bleeding.
Modern pharmacological studies have proved that the active ingredients contained in persimmon and persimmon leaves have a certain effect on the prevention of cardiovascular cirrhosis.
Another example is cherries, “Gan is exposed on the tongue, warming the belly and fragrant”, “When the smell is good, Shennong Materia Medica should know.”
Hawthorn can be adjusted to increase appetite, and its lipid-lowering effect is well known.
  What is the “five fruits for help”?
Fruits contain relatively little sugar, fat, and protein. The main purpose of eating fruits is not to supplement these three nutrients, but to supplement other nutrients, namely water, vitamins and minerals and trace elements.
The biggest advantage of fruit is that it is rich in vitamin C, which has important physiological functions.
Lack of vitamin C can lead to many diseases: capillary fragility and permeability increase, easy to rupture and bleeding, can also cause scurvy; accelerate the conversion of acetic acid into cholesterol in the body, increase the risk of cardiovascular diseaseThe body’s immunity is reduced, its resistance to disease is poor, and it is easy to catch colds and other diseases.
Recent studies have also suggested that vitamin C deficiency can also increase certain carcinogenic activities, while increasing foods rich in vitamin C and cellulose can reduce the risk of intestinal cancer.
Especially for children and the elderly, vitamin C is not particularly lacking.
Because vitamin C is an indispensable substance for promoting children’s development; the physiological function of the elderly is diminished, and if vitamin C is lacking, the disease resistance will be weakened and it will become more susceptible to illness.
  [Tips]Eat fruit 4 Note: Eat fresh fruit: “People eat food for the day, eat fresh for the first.
“Fresh fruit not only has the best taste, but also the best nutrition, so that the body can get the most vitamins and other nutrients in the fruit.
Eating seasonal fruits: The so-called seasonal fruits refer to the fruits of the season.
Because the season fruit is in a good ecological environment, it is full of sunshine and rain and moist, mostly natural maturity, so the nutrition is richer, the taste is sweeter, the smell is more fragrant, and the price is relatively cheap.
Eat a variety of fruit: eat fruit should also pay attention to a “miscellaneous” word, the so-called “all tastes can be a fairy”, that is to say, the consumption of fruit should also be diversified to obtain a variety of nutrients, and promote nutritional balance.
Eat the right amount of fruit: Some fruits (such as citrus) can cause caroteneemia if consumed in excess; oranges may eat more when they are eaten.
Another example is persimmon, which has a high content of tannic acid. When mixed with protein in the stomach, it can form a water-insoluble niacin protein, which can cause stomach stone disease, and do not eat with sweet potatoes and potatoes.
Lychee contains a lot of fructose, which can be used by cells with low levels of glucose. Excessive consumption may cause hypoglycemia.

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