[Bai Fuling beauty efficacy and role]_Cosmetic efficacy_Benefits

[Bai Fuling beauty efficacy and role]_Cosmetic efficacy_Benefits

Even people who don’t know much about Chinese medicine must have heard of Bai Fuling.

White Poria is enough to diuretic and dehumidify, soothing the spleen and medicinal value, as well as beauty, freckle and other health effects.

It can be used as a traditional Chinese medicinal material for medicine or as a medicated diet for health care. Some female friends like it very much.

So what is the beauty effect of Bai Fuling, and how can it be better?

1. Bai Fuling can remove spots and whiten, moisturize the skin, and can also enhance immune function and dilate blood vessels.

The Essentials of Compendium of Materia Medica contains: “White Poria is the last, with honey and honey, and it can be applied to the face to treat facial sores and maternal black blister like eggs.

“Bai Fuling can not only go to black and white, but also keep her teeth alive and prolong her life.

If you add moisturizing and maintenance with honey water, the effect of spot removing beauty is self-evident.

Ancient doctors believe that Poria can resolve all dark spots, and when used in combination with honey, it can nourish the skin and lighten pigmentation spots.

In addition, Bai Fuling has a mild medicine and is not prone to allergic reactions. It can be used by ordinary people, so it is still widely used in clinical practice.

Grind Bai Poria to a very fine powder when applied to the skin to facilitate skin absorption.

However, the causes of the spots are different. Although this method can achieve the purpose of removing dark spots locally, if the cause can be found, the essence can be removed by adding internal modulation.

2. White Poria cosmetology facial mask The material of the mask: egg white, flour, white fufang powder, milk, put egg white into the cup first, add flour and mix well.

Then heat the milk for five minutes and put it in the fuxi powder. Put the lid on and let the fuxi’s medicinal effect bubble out for about five minutes.

Mix with egg whites and flour if you think it is too thin. You can add some flour or fuxi flour.

Pour it on the mask paper in this way is a very good whitening mask. Leave it in the sleeve for about 20 minutes and wash it with water.

After washing your face, your skin will feel smooth and delicate.

After applying moisturizing lotion, you can just go to bed at night.

3, White Poria, White Poria Whitening Mask Material: 1 teaspoon of white poria powder, 2 teaspoons of white poria, 2 teaspoons of coix seed, honey or milk.

In summer or super oily skin, just add milk and blend.

20 minutes each time.

Effect: This mask has soft skin, whitening and moisturizing effect

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