Colitis patients eat what food is good to recommend colitis patients’ recipes

Colitis patients eat what food is good to recommend colitis patients’ recipes

Colitis refers to inflammation of the colon segment caused by a specific cause or unknown cause, with chronic colitis and ulcerative colitis being the most common.

The incidence of colitis has a certain relationship with diet. Therefore, patients with colitis should pay attention to daily diet and do a good job in health care, which is of great help to the treatment of colitis!

So what foods do colitis patients eat?

Here are some recipes for colitis patients to recommend, go home and try?

Recipe for colitis patients, jujube spleen porridge jujube 50g, yam, lotus seeds 30g, white lentils 20g, white sugar amount.

Add the water to the rotten and sautéed, and adjust the white sugar to be taken daily.

2, ginseng porridge ginseng 10 grams, the previous rice 100 grams, crystal sugar amount.

Wash the pre-rice, add water to 1000ml, simmer until cooked, add ginseng powder and rock sugar and stir until boiled.

3, Rosa laevigata lotus porridge sakura 12g, gun ginger, nutmeg 6g, Schisandra 3g, lotus seeds, medlar, yam 15g, already 50g.

First add the golden cherry, the cannon ginger, the nutmeg, the schisandra and the water to fry, filter the juice to the residue, and then add the lotus seeds, tamping, yam, rice and water, and cook a porridge.

It is eaten twice a day.

4, the front of the car, lentils, porridge, psyllium, 15g, light bamboo leaves, 9g of dried lotus leaves, white lentils, 30g of coix seed, 60g of rice.

First, the plantain, the light bamboo leaves, the dried lotus leaves and water to fry, to the slag filter juice, and then the white lentils, both rice and water, boiled into porridge, add the medicinal juice and cook into a porridge, eat 2 times a day.

5, cardamom, angelica, black bean, alfalfa, 10g each, white onion, ginger, salt amount, black chicken, MSG.

Wash the black-bone chicken, remove the internal organs, put the cardamom, angelica, scallion, ginger into the abdomen into the casserole, add water and stew, add some salt, MSG.

Dietary precautions for colitis 1. Avoid eating milk and seafood.

Patients with diarrhea are prone to colon allergy after eating milk, condensed milk, shrimp, sea fish, etc., resulting in increased diarrhea.

In addition, honey and its products have a laxative effect, so it is not edible.

2, avoid eating gas-producing food.

Repeated attacks of this cause, ulceration in the colonic mucosa, alternating scar fibers, resulting in reduced elasticity of the inner wall of the colon. If you eat more soy, soy products, fried beans, sweet potatoes and other gas, you may cause intestinal gas to fill.Complications such as acute intestinal dilatation or ulcer perforation occur.

3, the food should be easy to digest, soft and less slag, no irritant is appropriate.

Less slag food can reduce bowel movements, so that diarrhea can be recovered, can eat eggs, fine noodles, rotten rice porridge and so on.

Foods and fruits containing more crude fiber, vegetables should be eaten as little as possible.

4, chronic colitis has a long course of disease, often repeated attacks, in order to improve nutritional status and transform the environment, to give a high protein, high-transition diet.

Should also be in vitamins, inorganic salts, trace elements of food, especially vitamin C, vitamin B is iron-rich foods to supplement physical strength, nourish the body.

5, avoid raw cold fruits.

Most of the patients with this disease are spleen and stomach deficiency, kidney yang weak, if you eat more cold food, cold fruits, such as various cold drinks, iced food, pear, watermelon, orange, citrus, banana, tomato, clam meat, sea cucumber,Lily soup, etc., will further damage the spleen and kidney yang, make the spleen and stomach exercise weak, stop in cold and wet, and the nature of these foods is smooth, which will aggravate diarrhea and abdominal pain.

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